Check out these AWESOME Beauty Favorites!

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 19 Dec 2017   
Rebecca Brand shows amazing Beauty products, check out my new Bra! Incredible skin cream, made from snail slime -- YES, that's right! And the most deluxe rotating face and body brush! I show you these finds, they are so exciting to me! Beauty. Click for Upbra: Here is your $10 off coupon code: RBUPBRA10D Click: BVain 2X Skin Sauce: Rotating Beauty Brush: Extra 15%off through Manufacturer 1. Through Amazon 2. Official Facebook Page: Instagram: Twitter: LinkedIn: Website: Amazon: FTC: Thank you Upbra, BVain Skin 2X Sauce, and Living Pro for sponsoring this video, my opinions are honest, true and my own. Love these products!!!


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