Garam Cha Recipe for Bangladeshi in Bangla

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 03 Nov 2012 This video is in Bangla for Bangladeshi living in home and abroad. This is an instant tea recipe. This is a cool and quick way to make it. We are in a hurry. That's why when we need to warm up instantly we can try this, though it is not that best way to make tea. In Bangladesh garam cha is the most popular drinks. Economy of Bangladesh depends on its export of tea that is mostly produced in Sylhet, Srimangal and little in Chittagong as well. Garam cha is popular with both Bangladeshi boys and girls but more popular with man and and women. There is a myth among Bangladeshi young girls that cha make their fair color dark and that's why many Bangladeshi girls do not drink cha, but is it is nothing compared to the total consumtion of cha. Thank you for watching. Please subscribe to my channel and I appreciate when you like it.


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