Kimchi Ramen Soup Recipe | No Gluten High Protein 35 gms

Recipes / American Recipes
 17 Dec 2017   
Rebecca Brand shows how to make Kimchi Ramen Soup with CLICK this is a No Gluten High Protein Kimchee Ramen Soup Recipe, taken from the best Korean BBQ recipes in the world! This amazingly seasoned gluten free high protein ramen has the perfect combination of broth ingredients with that Kimchi product to create an amazingly easy, fast ramen soup to make home, any time in 10 minutes! It's probiotic too! Here are the links to get Wang Kimchi: Original Kimchi: Fried Kimchi: Official Facebook Page: Instagram: Twitter: LinkedIn: Website: Amazon: Thank you Wang for sponsoring this video. My opinions are true, honest and are mine. Love your Kimchi!


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