McDonalds SALTED CARAMEL PIE FOOD REVIEW *Extra Upload* - Greg's Kitchen

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 14 Jun 2017   
Hey guy's, l thought l would start doing some product reviews of different smaller or single food items, be them chocolates, chips, cookies, side items, whatever is new on the market to see what they look like, how they taste, how much they are etc. What l am trying today is the new McDonald's Salted Caramel Pie. I'm really keen to try one out so lets go and buy one and see what it tastes like! This could be the longest I have ever had to wait in a drive through! I hope you enjoy todays food review :D Want to be a part of Greg's Kitchen? Support what l do on, your $ per month will help will keep my channel going, and help me to make better videos. Instagram greg.eats Snapchat gregieh


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