Mega Japanese Snack Haul Taste Test - Australian Tries Japanese Snacks

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 19 Dec 2017   
Today on Greg's Kitchen i try a haul of snacks sent to me by Tomoko in Japan! I can't wait to try these unusual and new snacks, let's dive on in for the taste test! Australian tries japanese snacks. Pocky, Calbee, Pikachu, Pokemon, Best Japanese Snacks, Asian Snacks, Snack Review, Japanese Snacks, Eating Japanese Snacks, Food Haul, Snack Haul, Japan Haul, Gummy Candy, Weird Japanese Snacks, Weird Asian Snacks, Japan Crate, Japanese Candy, Dagashi, Sour Plum Doritos, Japanese Snacks Taste Test Prawn Crackers, Matcha, Ninja Snack


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