RUSSIAN PIPING TIPS - (THE POINTY ONES) - What are they & What do they do? - YouTube

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 23 Jun 2017   
Are these The BEST PARTS of MCA? I had NO IDEA what to do with these pointy ruffle Russian Piping Tips OR the correct way to use them... Just wait till you see how simple they make ruffles! Check out THE BEST PARTS of My Cupcake Addiction: You can buy the Pointed Russian Piping Tips here: My frosting recipe: My Second channel: Ingredients: Cupcakes to frost Buttercream Frosting Tools: Pointed Russian Piping Tips Disposable Piping Bags FOLLOW ME ON: FACEBOOK for quick vids, posted daily: INSTAGRAM for sneak peeks and the best sweet pics: TWITTER - PINTEREST to save & pin my stuff: My PERSONAL FACEBOOK Strictly for Selfies:


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