Stir-Fried Dried Squid and Vegetables (NO Knife! Kitchen Shears Recipe) 神社でもらった干しするめでニラもやし炒め

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 18 Mar 2017   
♥My COOKBOOK available WORLDWIDE レシピ本もよろしくね♥ Amazon Japan may be Cheaper ($10 plus shipping fee). How to Order My Cookbook from Amazon Japan: We received some dried squids when we visited the nearby shrine for our son's Omiyamairi (the first shrine visit) and my darling's Yakubarai (ceremony to drive away evil spirits). I decided to make a dish out of them. It turned out to a very tasty and delicious stir-fried dish, goes great with white rice. Oyster-sauce flavor, with a hint of chive is obviously addictive. Very filling with lots of bean sprouts ;) You don't need a knife but use kitchen scissors / kitchen shears! Of course, you can use regular squids. FYI: Hatsumiya-Mairi (初宮参り) or Omiyamairi (お宮参り) is one of the traditional celebration events for Japanese babies. Whenever a newborn is over a month old, we bring the baby to a nearby shrine for a greeting (giving the invocation). --------------------------------- Stir-Fried Dried Squid and Vegetables Difficulty: Easy Time: 20min + soaking time Number of servings: 4 Ingredients: 2 dried squids 400g (14oz.) bean sprouts 1 bundle Chinese chives 1 tsp. Toban Jan (hot bean sauce / Chinese red chili paste) 1 tbsp. sesame oil A * 1 tbsp. Sake * 1 tbsp. oyster sauce * 1 tbsp. soy sauce * 1 tsp. sesame oil Directions: 1. Soak the dried squids in water overnight to make them soft. Cut into thin strips using kitchen shears. *remove the hard gristle and dirty tips 2. Mix A very well. 3. Heat sesame oil in a frying pan, add Toban Jan, then cook until fragrant. Add the squids, then stir-fry until heated. 4. Add the bean sprouts and cook until coated with oil. Then add the Chinese chives (cutting them into 2 inches long with kitchen shears), season with A to finish. ↓レシピ(日本語) --------------------------------- Music by YouTube Audio Library Walk In The Park ♥Most Popular Videos 人気の動画♥ ♥Utensils I use in my videos♥ ♥FOLLOW ME HERE♥ ♥Original T-SHIRTS♥ ♥Visit my Blog to know more about ME♥ ♥My Recipe Posts in Japanese♥ ♥and of course PLEASE SUBSCRIBE♥


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