This is how to safely cut an avocado

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 18 Oct 2017   
There is a technique to cutting an avocado safely. Follow our guide to make sure you don’t get any unnecessary nips or cuts while enjoying delicious avocados. SUBSCRIBE Get 2-3 brand new videos every week (TUE, THU, FRI), including recipes, kitchen hacks and handy cooking tips to help you feed your family and friends: WATCH MORE Want more handy cooking ideas? Check out our Tips & Tricks playlist:, which includes: How to get more juice: How to make citrus salt: How to soft boil eggs with Curtis Stone: How to make your own potato chips with Curtis Stone: How to hard boil eggs with Curtis Stone: More AT HOME WITH COLES videos | Shop online with Coles | More recipes on Facebook | Follow us on Twitter | More great recipes |


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