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Visiting the Pearl of Africa
by orbituganda
 11 Sep 2016     259 views
This video, compiled with the help of, now is a collection of mostly pictures, but also videos made by Ger...

 10 Sep 2016      views
Orbituganda Youtube Channel
by orbituganda
 05 Sep 2016     599 views
This channel is related to (formerly, Habari Web Directory & Community Portal. You can make ...
Abdoulie's Jollof Rice Recipe 2
by orbituganda
 31 Aug 2016     188 views
This is yet another variation of Jollof rice as we continue our culinary journey through West Africa. Visit this channel and

 16 Aug 2016      views
Creamy Zucchini and Minced Meat Sauce
by orbituganda
 20 May 2016     129 views
Here is how to prepare some delicious, creamy zucchini and minced meat sauce within about 30 minutes. Visit the source Habari Web Directory ...
Abdoulie's Domodah Recipe
by orbituganda
 10 Feb 2016     199 views
Domodah is a stew prepared using beef, lamb or chicken, together with groundnut (peanut) sauce. Domodah (Mandinka language) is prepared in ...
Abdoulie's Jollof Rice Recipe
by orbituganda
 26 Jan 2016     1492 views
Jollof rice, a popular one-pot rice dish is widely eaten in many variations across the whole of West Africa. This particular version is prep...
Abdoulie's Mafe Recipe
by orbituganda
 19 Dec 2015     438 views
Mafe, Maafe, mafé, maffé, etc is a simple and delicious stew prepared in plenty of variants in West African countries. This pa...

 18 Dec 2015      views
East African Chapati for Profis
by orbituganda
 05 Jun 2015     352 views
This recipe for profis shows you how to make large quantities of East African Chapati, such as you would need for parties or for restaurant...
Rosenmontag Freiburg 16 Feb, 2015
by orbituganda
 16 Feb 2015     646 views
This video shows "Rosenmontag" in Freiburg, today 16 Feb, 2015. Rosenmontag (Rose Monday) is the highlight of the German Karneval" and is ...
Ginger Juice Recipe
by orbituganda
 07 Feb 2015     3870 views
Here is how to make a refreshing ginger juice drink, a recipe from Ivory Coast and a good bit of the rest of West African - with some variat...
Smoked fish fillet on bread
by orbituganda
 05 Jul 2014     135 views
This simple recipe using smoked or fried fish fillet (Nile perch, tilapia, trout used in video, etc) is good for a quick snack as well as fo...
Operation clean up
by orbituganda
 04 Jun 2014     44 views
PC mit Ccleaner & Defraggler aufräumen...
F 45 Helicopter
by orbituganda
 18 May 2014     206 views
Zeigt wie der F-45 in die Lüfte abhebt und was es drauf hat - in der schönen Landschaft von Kappel. This short clip shows the F-45...
Correctly install the Orbit Uganda Browser Toolbar Updated
by orbituganda
 08 May 2014     77 views
This video shows how to correctly install the Orbit Uganda Browser Toolbar to enable you to listen to Ugandan & many other African radio sta...
Smoked fish in groundnut / peanut sauce
by orbituganda
 05 Mar 2014     160 views
This is a simple recipe showing how to prepare smoked fish in groundnut/peanut and mixed vegetables. ... Get the written version of this & ...
African Proverbs - Lion Series
by orbituganda
 16 May 2013     345 views
As part of our continuing efforts to promote our common African heritage,, together with African Proverbs Store will be regu...
A Simple Tzatziki Recipe
by orbituganda
 21 Feb 2013     164 views
Admittedly Tzatziki is a Greek and not a Ugandan or African recipe, but if one can lay hands on fresh yoghurt from a supermarket, it is some...