Wedding Cake Tutorial Frosting and Doweling

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 08 Jan 2018   
How to make a wedding cake for beginners you will see how to frost a wedding cake with buttercream and cover it with glitter. You will see how to stack a wedding cake with dowels. Part 1 of how to make a wedding cake for beginners is at this link WEBSITE NEWSLETTER: Claim your FREE copy of my "Top Five Buttercream Recipes" at this link. Instant Download BOOK: PAPERBACK and KINDLE: "Wedding Cakes with Lorelie Step by Step" BOOK on Amazon E-BOOK: Instant Download RECIPE E-BOOK: Instant Download SUBSCRIBE: For More of Wedding Cakes For You Delicious Recipe and Cake Decorating Videos SHOP: Amazon store for all my favorite cake decorating tools and supplies ENJOY: Please Share This Video With Your Friends and Leave your comments and questions below. Recap of the video 1:20 Frosting the bottom cake tier 4:08 Smoothing the buttercream 5:30 Using bubble straws to dowel the cake 9:04 Finishing the second tier with buttercream 12:57 Marking the cake for placement of the straw dowels 14:33 icing the top tier of the wedding cake 16:25 Stacking the three tiers 17:08 Sharpening and pushing the wooden center dowel into the entire cake 18:35 Glitter being added onto the cake Lorelie Carvey Baking and Cake Decorating Consultant Wedding Cakes For You Social Pages **Facebook **Pinterest **Instagram ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RECIPES in This Video: Italian meringue buttercream Vanilla cake with orange: How to make a wedding cake for beginners


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